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DDeveloping with its 220 thousand population and bed capacity exceeding 200 thousand, Manavgat Borough takes place on both side of Manavgat River and on the fruitful lowland carrying the same name. Center of the Borough has approximately 3,5 km. distance to the shoreline of Mediterranean Sea. North of Manavgat is covered with dense forests and surrounded with Taurus mountain range having natural beauties. Manavgat River divides Manavgat Lowland into two from the middle and it provides productivity and wealth to Manavgat Delta. In this fruitful lowland, there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, crops, sesame and flowers grown. Manavgat River is among the fresh waters which are rich in terms of Carp, Salmon Trout and Fresh Water Crayfish. Most of the people working in tourism sector domiciles in Manavgat. Together with the growth of tourism sector, center of the borough has grown rapidly and new premises were built. Big Waterfall and Small Waterfall taking place on Manavgat River are visited both by domestic and also foreign tourists with interest. There are many restaurants located on Manavgat Riverbank and you can have the chance to taste delicious fishes grown in ice-cold waters of Manavgat River. While it was a small borough, Manavgat has wrapped itself up in the atmosphere of a growing and developing big city together with the development of tourism sector and with the artificial waterfall taking place in the city center, entertainment centers and restaurants on the riverbank, Manavgat will cause you live insatiable moments. There are many numbers of shopping centers in tourism regions of Manavgat such as Side, Gündoğdu, Çolaklı, Evrenseki, Kumköy, Ilıca, Titreyengöl and Kızılağaç and they provide the possibility of shopping for the visitors. There are authentic products, souvenirs each one more beautiful than the other, boutiques, jewelry, silvers, precious stones, carpets, rugs and rich varieties of Turkish Cuisine waiting for you in the narrow streets of Antique Side.


Beach 1 km.
Market 100 m.
Bazaar Side 500 m. (Saturday), Manavgat (Monday) 5 km.
Cafe & Bars 200 m.
Restaurant 200 m.
Hospital 100 m.
Golf Areas (Belek) 35 km.
Green Grocer 200 m.
Butcher 300 m.
Pharmacy 250 m.
Shopping Mall (Novamall, Manavgat) 1 km.
Side Ancient City 1 km.
Apollon Temple 1 km.
Side Theater 1 km.
Manavgat Waterfall 7 km.
Manavgat Dam 25 km.
Aspendos ancient Theater 35 km.
Köprülükanyon Rafting Center 55 km.
Antalya International Airport 65 km.